Bucharest City Trips

Bucharest City Trip  – a trip to a European city jewel
he Romanian capital Bucharest, with its two million inhabitants, is a metropolis in Europe which has a special charm. It blends the lively, modern part of the Bucharest, where the visitor can feel the magic of bygone eras. Bucharest (Romanian: Bucuresti) is in the lowlands of Romania, about 200 kilometers west of the Black Sea coast. The tradition tells, that the city was named  after a shepherd, who created at this point a fortified inn (caravanserai). On a trip to Bucharest, the visitor will be surprised of many impressive cultural sites. The districts have an architecture and atmosphere that is different from those in other European cities. There are mixed oriental serenity, balkan savoir vivre with the vitality of a metropolis.

Commercial capital Bucharest – a bridge between East and West

In the 16th and 17th century Bucharest (originally a Wallachian prince city) became  an important transportation hub and trading center. Besides Istanbul Bucharest occupied as a trading city in second place. In the caravanserai met themselves Transylvanian, Turkish and Greek merchants. The Lipsani district is the oldest dealer district of Bucharest, where materials, clothing, home accessories, antiques and many other everyday items are offered for sale. The young people have created in the cafes and bars in the winding streets their meeting places. The tourists often begin in the famous Cafe’Arcade their sightseeing and  nightlife tour.

Travel and Climate

For travels to Bucharest the International Airport Henri Coanda Aeroportul (former Otopeni) is used mostly, which is located 17 miles north of the center of Bucharest. The flight time is for example from Frankfurt to Bucharest about 2.5 hours. With the Expressline 783 travellers are reaching very fast the city (approx. 30 minutes). Since the sites are spread across Bucharest, it is recommended to go by underground, bus or taxi. Going by cab, its better to fix the price in advance. In Bucharest is predominating a continental climate with summer temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius, in winter usually it is cold arround two degrees Celsius. Two highly recommended months to visit are in September with about 23 degrees Celsius and the somewhat fresher April.

Bucharest – a variety of architectural styles and exciting contrasts

Although the monumetal Bucharest Parliament of the dictator Ceausescu is not necessarily an architectural enrichment, Bucharest has a lot of stunning architecture. The houses and buildings in old romanian style give a special aura, such as the reddish-beige Mogosoaia’s Palace, which was habitated by the walchian prince Brancoveanu as a summer residence. Beautiful is the decoration of the columns and balustrades with ornaments of plants and animals. Italian villas are bordering the wide boulevard Calea Victoriei (Victory Road), which opens into a spacious place. On that boulevard are situated also the two impressive luxury hotels “Bucuresti” and “Athenee Palace Hilton. But there are also many nice hotels in Bucharest and accommodation with ambiance in a lower price category.

The Romanian Athenaeum – a domed building with excellent acoustics

In the the 1888 bulit dome, which is covered by a rotunda,  high-profile concerts take place. Works by George Enescu, a Romanian composer with an international reputation will be performed as well as Maurice Ravel and Yehudi Menuhin. Furthermore, this music stronghold is the seat of the State Philharmonic. Another very impressive building is the Stavropoleos church, which was founded by the Greek monk Joanichie in 1724. He came at the request of Greek merchants, who had settled in Bucharest. Another cultural highlight is the Gallery of Romanian art, with its beautiful icons, book decoration and works of the goldsmith’s art. On a trip to Bucharest, a city tour should also lead to the Cantacuzino Palace (George Enescu Museum), with its characteristic shell-shaped canopy and the two portal-lion.

Bucharest – a successful blend of modernity and “Ancien ciecle”

In addition to the old town with some little houses in need of refurbishment, but charming morbid charm, there is the modern, bustling Bucharest. The elegant line Bulevardul G. Magheru Romanian has loads of  cafes, galleries and many expensive shops. The vacationer can relax from the bustle of street traffic in the beautiful, glass-covered passage or in Macca-Vilacrosse Cismigiu park with a lake. In Bucharest, which is a city of contradictions, joins the upscale district of the politicians and officials to the much poorer Roma district. A trip to the capital of Romania makes the tourist sliding into another, sometimes strange world and makes him leaving his life behind him. The French way of life contributes to the character of Romanian special holiday experience in Bucharest.