Romania Last Minute Travels

Romania – Holiday Country between the Black Sea coast and the Carpathian mountains

The Republic of Romania, with about 240,000 square kilometers in area, is the ninth-largest country of the European Union, the territory reaches from the coast of the Black Sea in the east over the Carpathians and the Pannonian Plain in the west. By this bridge situation Romania’s geographical and cultural transition is between the middle and Southeastern Europe. Because of the varied history and many territorial changes, the country has a wide variety of cultures and traditions that make a last minute trip to Romania becoming an increasingly attractive target for a longer holiday. The vacation packages range from beach holiday on the Black Sea and trekking tours in the Carpathians to a cultural city break with the high points (such as monasteries, fortresses, historic old towns) of the various regions, there are also special offers for last minute as a spa weekend in the mineral baths or a river cruise on the Danube.

Romania’s landscapes – mountains and hills, rivers and sea

The topography of Romania is determined by the mountain ranges of the broad, semicircular Carpathians, stretching from the Danube in the southwest to the northwest of the country, the mountains, the dividing line between the historic landscapes Wallachia in the south, Transylvania is in the center and Moldova in the east. The Southern Carpathians, with mountains over 2,500 m (Moldoveanu, 2544 m above sea level) have alpine trains, while the eastern and northern Carpathians and the Highlands of Moldavia and Transylvania have a rather low mountain character. These densely wooded, original hills are home to rare animal and plant species and an ideal spot for an interesting holiday on foot or by bike, the most important river in Romania is the Danube, which forms over a long distance to the southern border of the country and opens with the largest wetland in Europe (UNESCO-World Heritage Danube Delta, 4,500 km ²) in the Black Sea. South of it, on a length of 245 km the famous white sand beaches of the Black Sea coast are situated, where continental influenced climate invites with hot summers on a beach holiday – even last minute.

A holiday classic – hiking in the mountains

With its varied geography and the natural landscape, Romania is destined for an exciting hiking vacation, here you can find on your way migratory shepherds with large flocks, and in the villages one can visit many beautiful cultural treasures. In addition to Transylvania, with its famous castles church the Bucovina region (book country) is a popular destination for a trip to Romania. Here are several nature reserves and national parks, and the mineral waters of Vatra Dornei were appreciated at the Austrian imperial much, a special attraction, however, are the external frescoes of the monasteries (“Biblia pauperum”) that have a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A city tour of Romania

The cities of Romania reflect the diversity of cultures and long history, a baroque jewel is the old town of Timisoara (“Little Vienna”), while the port of Constanta for Greek and Roman buildings is well known. Apart from the capital Bucharest and the European Capital of Culture 2007 Sibiu is worth a visit to the town of Sighisoara (UNESCO world cultural heritage), here is the only completely preserved and inhabited medieval fortress in Europe and combines the architectural styles from Gothic to Historicism – really worth seeing.