Romania Package Tour

The country of Dracula
Romania is a relatively new holiday destination, that promises its visitors a lot of variety to see and do. Anyone who spends his holidays in Romania, will be expected by hospitality in addition to historical sites, beach and adventure holidays in addition to peace and quiet but vibrant life in the city. If you decide to travel to Romania, so you’re getting the best holiday packages, in order to be completely maintained and well-advised in the home of the dreaded Count Dracula,

The Land of Opportunity

A package travel to Romania offers singles, couples and families with children as well all things, that we desire to have for the best time of the year, for our holidays. Whether you like to enjoy a beach holiday on the Black Sea, a romantic boat trip, an adventure holiday in the Carpathian Mountains, or you like to explore the many nature reserves in the inland, or art and culture in Romania in the capital Bucharest, the modern Destination Romania holds for every interest and for every budget matching offers.

Bathing By the gods

Being seaside is one of the ways to spend your holidays in Romania. Just here at the Black Sea you can enjoy on your vacation due to your heart’s content the sunshine from spring until the autumn, along miles of sandy beaches,. Modern hotels but also small cozy accommodations offer every comfort. Wide sports are available as well as an extensive nightlife.There are numerous beach resorts. Saturn for example, is a particularly family-friendly place, located in a small quiet bay. Here families with children know to appreciate the Aqua-Leisure Park Balada. The once only withheld the privileged seaside resorts Neptune and Venus are other travel tips. Interesting dive sites can be found near the seaside resort of Vama Veche. And probably the most important seaside resort – Mamaia – is located on a peninsula between the sea and fresh water. Resorts such as Mangalia and Eforie Nord Spa attract friends from near and far.

Danube steamship travels

Not just a cruise on the Danube is a special experience during the holidays in Romania, generally, the stay in the Danube Delta leaves unforgettable impressions. The unique landscape, coupled with a variety of animals make the heart of every nature lover beating higher. Friends of the fishing will see an angler’s paradise as well.

Holiday in the region of prejudice

Who does not know the content, Dracula, shudder, and seclusion with the terms Carpathians and Transylvania? Far from it. Anything true! You can spend a fantastic, fearfree holiday all year round. Transylvania is one of the most romantic regions of Romania. Here you will find natural forests and crystal clear streams, mountain peaks and valleys, small wooden churches and spectacular castles. But the legendary mountains of the Carpathians attract winter sports, climbing and hiking opportunities.

Package to “Little Paris”

In the ‘30 years the capital of Romania, Bucharest, was called because of its boulevards and bubbling life “Little Paris”. Today, you can do here to your heart’s arts and cultural holiday. Many buildings such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Athenaeum in Bucharest or the Royal Palace are just a few of the admired monuments of the city. Here in Bucharest, the city life pulsates with a very special charm.