Skiing in Romania

Winterholidays in Romania
A very nice holiday can be spent in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. The entire southern part of the Carpathian Mountains is located in Romania and the peaks are at 2500 meters high. The dense forests in the Carpathians remind a little of the German low mountain range. A winter trip to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains is certainly something very special.

Olympic skiing on slopes in Poiana Brasov

At the foot of the mountain resort of Poiana Brasov is the Postavarul, he is one of the most famous ski resorts of Romania. For the tourists there are numerous hotels and the ski lifts,chair lifts are available as well. The longest run is nearly five kilometers long. The slopes are also good for snowboarding. The created trails for cross-country skiers lead through the beautiful forests of the Carpathians. Other sports facilities offer a skating rink and a toboggan run.

Winter Sport “on the Hill or in Predeal, the highest town in Romania

Translated, Predeal means “on the hill” and the city is located between the five mighty mountains and that the Piatra Mare, Postavarul, Baiu, Fetifoi Bucegi in about 1100 meters. Between these mighty mountains, the tourists spend an excellent holiday. It is an important winter sports resort and there is a good spot for travelers over 15 tracks, which can be easily reached by several lifts and is also suitable for snowboarding.

A dream ski holiday among castles and majestic mountains

Sinaia is situated in the beautiful Bucegi Mountains and offers skiers an excellent ski area, which extends to a height of 2000 meters. The slopes for skiing and snowboarding can be achieved by various lifts. Additional facilities include a skating rink and a bobsled run is available. The cross-country trails lead through the forests of the dramatic Bucegi Mountains. While the sporting breaks can be visited the Peles Castle, the summer residence of the Romanian king Charles I,. Also nearby are the Castle and the monastery Pelisor Sinaia.

Discovering unknown places on a winter trip

A winter trip through the Carpathian mountains to the villages on Semenic solid will remain unforgettable for shure. Paltinis offers guests not only ozone containing air but excellent opportunities for skiing at the “high groove”. After all, the snow is there about six months. In the historical region of Banat are the places Valiug, Secu, Crivaia and Semenic. There are resorts that are also ideal for a winter holiday.The north-western gateway to the Mount Olympus of Moldova “is the center Durau. There are slopes suitable for beginners and it can be done fantastic winter hiking in the National Park.